Site Search

A search that understands user intent and matches the same with attributes in product catalog and can provide high relevance (more than 98%), extremely fast (under 50ms) and high responsive website/app search experience for your e-commerce users.

Natural Language Search

SEEKnSHOP Site Search is a feature-rich, constantly evolving solution that gives your customers the best site search experience. Period.


Understands and Context Aware

User Search Queries are always unstructured and natural. To understand their intent, search has to become more natural language and human oriented instead of classic exact string matching technologies. SeekNShop.IO's patent pending algorithms help achieve this transition from unstructured to structured data retrieval with the highest accuracy possible.

Visual & guided autocomplete

Autocomplete makes typing and searching effortless for your customers. A dynamic autocomplete experience with product images, information and providing a closest match along with category guidance minimizes human errors and also provide suggestions based on collective intelligence of other users who would have searched similar



Self-Learning & Personalized search

A search that can learn from it's users' intents and interests and can personalize results for them as well as learn new patterns and semantics of search. Search Ranking is a classic problem and can never be 100% accurate as it changes from user to user based on their intent and product category. To achieve this, we leverage complex machine learning and text pattern algorithms along with semantic and sentiment analysis to enable self-learning and personalized search.


Faceted search

Our Faceted Search allows customers to narrow down to the right products faster. Our Auto-Filter Technology helps finding filters from the default filters mentioned in user's specific searches. Too many search results can reduce conversions, making search filters a must-have for ecommerce sites. Merchandizers can also configure what filters they need per category with minimal clicks through self-serviceable panel.

Advanced spellcheck and Ranking

Spelling errors are automatically identified and learnt based on users' query patterns and mistakes. The most common errors of users are identified automatically and shows the relevant and closest search results for even mistaken queries. Along with this we have our unique ranking mechanism which takes in all the key user signals to compute the top ranked products for each search query.



A search uniquely designed for mobile interfaces to eliminate the user experience complexity of selecting filters. You can type freely for attribute searches using natural language containing product attributes as well as ask using voice interface (launching soon)


Search History and Auto Suggest

Give your customers an ease to search for products on your mobile site by offering Recent Searches / Search History within the autocomplete. Recent searches save users’ time by avoiding retypes and minimizes the key proximity errors when typing on mobile.

Multi-select filters

Filters are critical to finding products effectively on mobile devices. Using multi-select filters on mobile has been made easiest possible with SeekNShop.IO's Auto-filter technology.



Intelligent Free Text Search

A search that is intelligent to understand free text search as if you are communicating to an offline shop keeper (that enables voice based searches as well) and automatically considers the required filters.


Deliver an engaging product discovery experience to your customers in any channel (mobile/site/kiosk, etc.,) using SeekNShop.IO's customized Natural Language Search solution and customize search result merchandising using our intuitive configuration panel


Rule-based merchandizing

Customize your customers search results using merchandizers' knowledge and expertise

Create precision and recall rules per category

Rank products in specific positions based on keyword or category

Promote/demote products in search results

Query to URL Redirect

You can now redirect search keywords to custom and curated landing pages with a single click.


Synonyms & dynamic filters

Add synonyms for site search and eliminate the instances of zero search results. Dynamic filters learn from your data and only show the most important filters for each query. Our merchandising dashboard lets you control all this intelligence.


Analytics Epicenter

Measure every metric that matters with a detailed but intuitive analytics dashboard and reporting


Conversion funnel

Recognize conversion patterns. Track conversions for site search in its entirety and for each search query as well. Use this data to identify optimization opportunities and fix the leaky funnels across your site.

Top searches

Identify top searches across your site as well as the most clicked products per search. Use this data to make product and merchandising decisions.



Affinity Tracking

Track which brands, which categories, which products, what price ranges per each category, what attributes (colour, size, memory, selfie-camera resolution etc.,) are your users preferring with detailed segmentation ranges.

Search Pricing Tiers
for E-Commerce Platforms

There are pricing variations based on the features offered in each tier, please contact us for pricing details by clicking Purchase in each tier. Fill your requirements and send email, thank you.

  • Full Feature Natural
  • Language Search
  • Error Tolerance
  • Customizable Search Results
  • Records upto 10000
  • Search Queries: 15k/mo
  • Multi-Stores: 5/seller
  • Analytics : 7days

  • Full Feature Natural
  • Language Search
  • Synonyms and Other Configurations
  • Product Promotions
  • Basic Search Metrics
  • Records upto 25000
  • Search Queries: 40k/mo
  • Multi-Stores: 7/seller
  • Analytics : 30 days

    MEDIUM plan +
  • Full Config Panel customizing rankings and product promotions
  • Advanced Search Metrics
  • Records upto 50000
  • Search Queries: 100k/mo
  • Multi-Stores: 10/seller
  • Analytics: 60days

    GROWTH plan +
  • Personalized Search
  • User Tracking
  • Potential to create a search bot
  • Records upto 100000
  • Search Queries: 200 k/mo
  • Analytics: 120 daysMulti-Stores: Unlimited/seller

Search Pricing Tiers for Enterprises

There are pricing variations based on the features offered in each tier, please contact us for pricing details by clicking Purchase in each tier. Fill your requirements and send email, thank you.

Small tier
  • Pay as you go
  • Distributed cloud Top priority indexing
  • All features Taxonomies: 150
  • No. of Products: < 100K
  • No. of Queries per week: < 50k

Medium tier
  • Onetime upfront for 1 quarter + Pay as you go
  • Dedicated cloud cluster
  • All features & Natural language search
  • Analytic & reporting
  • Taxonomies :600
  • No. of products:< 500K
  • No. of queries per day:< 80k per day

Enterprise tier
  • Onetime upfront for 1 quarter + Pay as you go
  • Dedicated Cloud Cluster
  • All features & Natural Language Search
  • Detailed Analytics and Reporting
  • Taxonomies: 600
  • No. of Products: < 1 million
  • No. of Queries per week: < 250k
  • User Tracking & Insights
  • Self-Service Synonyms & URL Redirection

Large Enterprise
  • Onetime upfront for 1 quarter + Pay as you go
  • Multi-Tenant Single Customer & Dedicated Cloud Cluster
  • All features & Natural Language Search
  • Detailed Analytics and Reporting
  • Taxonomies: 1200
  • No. of Products: Unlimited
  • No. of Queries per week: Unlimited
  • User Tracking & Insights
  • Self-Service Synonyms & URL Redirection