Natural Language Search

Search that understands Natural Language and User query based Unstructured Semantics to provide more than 98% relevance

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Fast and Responsive Search

Provides more than 20% assured conversion for specific queries within 50ms response time

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DeepSeek - ChatBot and Voice Search

An AI based Cognitive Agent for any industry segment that can behave exactly like a salesman in a retail store providing human like interactive responses using chat/voice interfaces and guided product discovery, common FAQs and non-inventory searches

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Natural Language Search

Now enable your multi channel commerce with a search that addresses all complex user query types with great accuracy

Understands User Language and Intent

Users never query in predicted patterns and e-commerce inventory can never match the same. Hence search needs to understand user intent and has to be "e-commerce user intent aware". SeeknShop.IO's Natural Language Search understands the language of the users which means we know what your users are looking for even when they use natural language or long tail queries.

Fast and Relevant

SeekNShop.IO's Natural Language Search understands user's intent and translates it into the context of the inventory. For eg., it would understand a brand or series or model or product specs and show the exact products that match the context within micro-seconds leading to high relevance and speed.

Seamless Facets

SeekNShop.IO's Natural Language Search understands the unstructured user queries and auto-generates the relevant query facets apart from providing the classic faceted search. With SeekNShop.IO, merchandisers can configure facets and filters seamlessly.

Personalized & Self Learning Search

SeekNShop.IO's Natural Language Search can learn leveraging Machine Learning and adjust search result ranking, improve relevance and find synonyms through which the results can be fine tuned along with personalizing for each individual user query separately.

Intelligent Auto Complete

SeekNShop.IO provides intelligent auto suggest and auto complete which makes searching effortless for your users. A rich, dynamic auto complete with product suggestions helps minimize effort and errors. Our Auto Suggest also provides Search History of each individual user based on the integration with seller.

Search Merchandising

With our self-serviceable customer support, customers can configure customized Search result ranking, merchandising, URL redirects for merchandising pages for few specific queries, noise, synonym configuration and even precision configuration of search results

About us

We are a team of Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence enthusiasts with extensive experience in e-commerce determined to solve the problem of product discovery and decision making in e-commerce and other domains

Our Mission

Our mission is to facilitate a digital shopping experience that feels a lot like the very best in-store shopping experience i.e., conversational and free-text. Discovery and Decision Making is a common problem for all e-commerce shoppers. Though discovery of products from a plethora of inventory has been simplified with online platforms,it could be made more natural and seamless. We believe with the power of natural language understanding and artificial intelligence, the problem of discovery and decision making (recommendations) can be solved very different from current mechanisms.

Why Us?


Specific Search Queries are generally 12X more converting than generic queries in the context of e-commerce searches. With the current e-commerce search technology, the more specific a user queries, the worse the relevance is. This leads to sellers losing out on high converting shoppers.
With SeekNShop.IO Patent Pending Natural Language Search, you can get an assured conversion increase of more than 20% for specific queries with >98% relevance within 50ms response time so that you never need to lose out on your high converting users. In addition to this the search has Self-Learning capabilities, Options to Personalize Search and Customize Search ranking and configure Merchandizing aspects related to Search.


DeepSeek from SeekNShop.IO is a highly intelligent and understanding Natural Language Search which is easily pluggable into your Website/App Search as well as functions as a Perfect Search Bot (Chat) or a Voice Search. This search can be pluggable into any domain seamlessly within less than a day time for integration. With high intent matching and query understanding technology, as a business, you could get very fine grained insights into your customers behaviour with search along with their preferences so that you could stock your inventory and organize your catalog in an effective way. Also, with any long tail search being catered to with more than 98% accuracy, you can also cater to any deep SEO for any kind of keywords.


We are a group of Machine Learning and AI enthusiasts with more than a decade of experience in Data Science and Machine Learning working with companies like Microsoft, Amazon, CA etc., and with extensive e-commerce experience working previously with Amazon, Marks and Spencer, Lacoste and several other e-commerce companies. The problem space we are addressing had been a problem for several e-commerce companies and we aim to solve it through our experience and innovative technology

Our Services

Search Bots

Natural Language Search

Detailed Analytics & Reporting

Cart Conversion Improvements


User tracking & Insights

Our Team

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Founder and CEO

Mr Cool guy with 13 years of extensive Product Management, Technology and Machine Learning experience having worked with Microsoft Bing Search, Amazon (Webstore, Search, Data Science, Logistics, E-Commerce), CA (SaaS, Enterprise) and several startups in leadership roles.

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Sai Anirudh M

Chief Operations Officer

A business driven technocrat who specializes in Big Data, Cloud, Machine Learning and Operational Infrastructure, Data Warehousing & Mining and building scalable architectures. He has 12 years of Consulting experience in the US with Microsoft, Apple, Google, Amazon etc.

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Sam Martinez

Chief Commercial Officer

A Sales SuperMan, a Harvard MBA and has 25+ years of Sales, Marketing and Branding expertise in various domains like Automotive, E-Commerce, Telecom and Health-Care. He is an Influencer in the Automotive Industry and will be responsible for International Expansion of our products

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Development Team

Our Development team comes with an average of 9 years experience and have worked with Amazon, Microsoft, Oracle previously and are from premier institutes. They have expertise in Data Science, Various Programming Languages, Development Frameworks and Technologies.

Customers :

Our customers are spread across the world (US, UK, IN, UAE, APAC, MENA) owing to our partner network and platforms and range from enterprise to SME with an inclination to improve their omni-channel (e-commerce and mobile) conversions,provide world class customer experience, bring the true personal user attention of the in-store world to digital shopping and take their e-commerce discovery and decision making to the next level. We have customers spanning segments including E-commerce (Fashion, Electronics, Marketplaces), Automotive Dealerships, Auto Parts, Recruitment Portals and Apps, Hospitals for Patient Record Searches, Real Estate Portals, Online Travel Portals, Education Apps etc.,

Partners :

  • Magento
  • Shopify
  • BigCommerce
  • Prestashop